The Innovation of Litigation.

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In-house Business: A Business Perspective for Your Litigation Services (Part 2 – Pre-Matter Scoping)

In-house legal departments want legal providers to approach projects from a business perspective. To do this, take a cue from cost controls used by legal procurement such as legal project management, pre-matter scoping, invoice auditing, and eAuctions. Litigation practitioners can implement these same cost controls in the litigation services they provide to their clients. This post is Part Two of...

5 Podcasts on Litigation Funding You Don’t Want to Miss

Litigation funding has been around for two decades, but most attorneys are still unfamiliar with this innovative way to pay for trial. Here are the top five podcasts to get you up to speed about litigation funding from industry experts. Litigation funding (also known as litigation financing, third party litigation funding, and consumer legal funding) is a concept that has been around for twenty...

The Innovation of Litigation.

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