The Innovation of Litigation.


Controlling Disappearing Communications in the Workplace: Four “Litigation-Friendly” Ephemeral Communications Apps

Since as early as 2014, individuals and businesses have adopted ephemeral (aka “disappearing”) apps for secure and private messaging. While the general population embraces these apps for their privacy features, attorneys—especially in house counsel—must deal with myriad legal issues, such as eDiscovery, preservation, and spoliation that arise from the use of these apps. For attorneys advising...

Protecting attorney-client privilege across the border: what you need to know about U.S. border searches of electronic devices

Attorneys are likely to carry at least one electronic device containing attorney work product and confidential client information. While attorneys always have a duty to protect this information, crossing international borders makes this duty a bit more complicated. For those attorneys who cross borders, this post provides a quick summary of the current Department of Homeland Security, Customs and...

10 Times Internet of Things Data Was Used in Litigation

The next time you head to court, think about the data you can recover from “internet of things devices.” Internet of things products from Fitbits to medical devices are collecting data 24/7 and can help you establish timelines, destroy alibis, and prove damages. This post lists 10 instances in which internet of things devices were used in litigation. The next time you prepare for litigation...

Is the Fitbit the Next Smoking Gun in Litigation?

What if your diary, checkbook, and GPS were conveniently packaged into an audiobook that would be played to the jury? This could now be possible through the rise in personal devices, such as Fitbits, smartwatches, Google homes and Alexas, which have opened up a potential goldmine of private information for a lawsuit. But what are the problems that any litigator can anticipate in trying to obtain...

The Innovation of Litigation.

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