The Innovation of Litigation.

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Three Hot New AI-Powered Legal Research Tools

Litigators can start using artificial intelligence for research with online tools such as CARA, EVA, and IRIS. This post compares these three research tools, describing their benefits and limitations, and explains how they might be able to save you time in your litigation practice. Joshua Weaver( Writer )Attorneypreneur, writer, technologist. Nerdy for legaltech, politics, crypto, cybersecurity...

Affordable AI: Use These Online Tools Now to Improve Your Litigation Practice

While many Artificial Intelligence technologies are out of reach because they are too expensive or take time to implement, there are several affordable and free tools that legal practitioners can use to improve their litigation practice today. Below are some resources that can start saving you time and money. Joshua Weaver( Writer )Attorneypreneur, writer, technologist. Nerdy for legaltech...

The Innovation of Litigation.

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