The Innovation of Litigation.

Don’t Miss The Sedona Conference Institute 2019 eDiscovery Negotiation Training!

Baylor Law’s Executive LL.M. in Litigation Management Professor Christopher Schultz and The Sedona Conference Institute present advanced strategies from seasoned judges and lawyers on Rule 26(f) negotiations and 16(b) scheduling conferences.

Baylor Law’s Executive LL.M. in Litigation Management Professor Christopher Schultz and The Sedona Conference Institute presents an exclusive training program for lawyers who want to gain advanced insights into Rule 26(f) negotiations and 16(b) scheduling conferences. During the two day program, attorneys will be separated into plaintiff and defense teams and given a mock case file. Using the case facts, the teams will engage in three mock 26(f) conferences under the guidance of seasoned eDiscovery experts. The program will culminate in a 16(b) scheduling conference practical exercise in front of real federal judges. With eDiscovery being the most expensive part of litigation short of trial itself, this program offers key insights and strategies for getting eDiscovery done efficiently and correctly. 

Chris Schultz co-chairs the program and teaches e-Discovery Management in Baylor Law’s second trimester of the Executive LL.M. in Litigation Management.

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The Innovation of Litigation.

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