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Looking to Get a Leg Up on E-Discovery Over the Holidays? (ICYMI)

The holidays are a time for gratitude, reflection, and spending time with the ones you love. But for those of us who just can’t help ourselves, it’s also a time to catch up on things we’ve missed. 

If you missed Chris Schultz’s eDiscovery 101: State of the Art & Best Practices webinar during eDiscovery day, now is your chance to rewind and catch that great webinar as you unwind somewhere cozy!

For the full video from that webinar, click here to head over to the archive.

Also, if you enjoyed listening to the webinar and you missed our first episode of Trial by Tech the podcast, you’ll want to give that a listen, too. In episode one, Chris Schultz expands upon his thoughts on eDiscovery and the trends to watch in 2019.

Christopher M. Schultz

Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Level 2 Legal Solutions and Baylor Law LL.M. Brain Trust Expert

Schultz is an expert in discovery matters, with a particular focus on the risks and challenges facing attorneys in today’s complex legal landscape. He created and chaired one of the first full-service eDiscovery legal practice groups in the nation. As part of the faculty of the renowned Sedona Conference, Schultz has taught the legal and technical details of eDiscovery to hundreds. 

Schultz leads engagement teams where he assists clients with a full range of electronic discovery and litigation readiness projects, provides expert testimony, and special discovery master services. Schultz frequently presents at continuing legal education and other seminars on the topic of eDiscovery and has over five years of collegiate teaching experience. Much of Schultz’ work centers on anticipating and advising clients on the challenges that arise in modern discovery practice to set his clients up to achieve their greatest success. Schultz is also an avid sportsman and chess player.

What are you keeping your eye on related to e-discovery? Let us know in the comments!

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