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10 Times the Internet of Things Decided a Case Outcome

The next time you head to court, think about the data you can recover from “internet of things devices.” Internet of things products from Fitbits to medical devices are collecting data 24/7 and can help you establish timelines, destroy alibis, and prove damages. This post lists 10 instances in which internet of things devices were determinative in litigation. The next time you prepare for...

Early Data Assessment: a Critical Step in Early Case Assessment

Many are familiar with Early Case Assessment (ECA), which is a systematic approach to evaluating the merits of a case. But what is Early Data Assessment? With the volume of data that is being generated by the internet of things, we know that data is critical to the e-discovery process, and with the costs associated with e-discovery, having a solid plan for dealing with the data is fundamental to...

The “Google Generation”: How Millennials Are Reshaping Litigation Marketing

Search engines now seem to answer all our questions. They tell us where the nearest coffee shop is located for our morning caffeine fix. They produce statistics on school rankings so we can decide our child’s education. They can even resolve late night debates over obscure historical facts by proving which impassioned friend best remembered 5th grade social science. There may have even been...

The Innovation of Litigation.

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