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Could a Smart Assistant Be the Next Thing to Blow Up You or Your Clients?

What if audio recordings containing highly sensitive information from you or your clients were to be exposed to the public? What if the recordings included thousands of conversations you held from within the presumed privacy of your office during litigation? Sound far-fetched? A breaking story coming out of Germany highlights the potential risks of keeping smart assistants like Google's Home...

Ep. 001 – The Top E-Discovery Trends You Need to Know in 2019 (With Expert Chris Schultz)

Christopher M. Schultz Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Level 2 Legal Solutions and Baylor Law LL.M. Brain Trust Expert I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Chris Schultz, a leading expert in e-discovery in the nation. In this interview, I pick his brain about all things e-discovery, including: the top e-discovery strategies for in-house and outside counsel to control...

Judge orders Amazon to provide Echo recordings in double homicide case… (ICYMI)

In case you missed it, a Judge recently ordered Amazon to hand over recordings captured by Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant and competitor to Google’s Assistant and Apple’s Siri.  Note: we recently covered the risks of digital assistants, including Alexa, cautioning litigators to be careful about having confidential conversations within earshot of smart devices. ...

But their emails! Some of the most contentious political issues are e-discovery disputes… (ICYMI)

In case you missed it, the ABA Journal recently posted a great article about the relevance of eDiscovery fights in politics.  “Indeed, a larger debate over preserving electronic evidence continues to hang over national politics. Donald Trump Jr.’s meetings with Russians, Michael Cohen’s plea bargain, Brett Kavanaugh’s contentious confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court, Paul Manafort’s...

The Innovation of Litigation.

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