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What Are Your Plans for #eDiscoveryDay?

If you’re anything like me, keeping track of all of the great legal tech and litigation programming coming up year-round can be a touch overwhelming. I just hit inbox zero for the first time in days–last night. So here’s a helpful reminder: Tuesday, December 4th, 2018 is #eDiscoveryDay! There will be webcasts and live events occurring all over the country with “more e...

Can Lawyers Represent Clients Who Pay Via Crowd Funding? DC Ethics Opinion Says Yes!

In a recent opinion by the District of Columbia Bar’s Legal Ethics Committee, the committee grappled with whether or not attorneys can accept payment from clients via crowdfunding (like gofundme, or kickstarter). In true lawyerly fashion, the committee ultimately said, yes but could not resist qualifying, saying, “the lawyer should consider potential risks associated with receipt of such...

Three Hot New AI-Powered Legal Research Tools

Litigators can start using artificial intelligence for research with online tools such as CARA, EVA, and IRIS. This post compares these three research tools, describing their benefits and limitations, and explains how they might be able to save you time in your litigation practice. Joshua Weaver( Writer ) Attorneypreneur, writer, technologist. Nerdy for legaltech, politics, crypto, cybersecurity...

Are Artificially Intelligent Digital Assistants Risky? Why Litigators Should Be Cautious

If you have an artificial-intelligence-driven digital assistant in your office, you might want to consider moving client meetings and litigation strategy sessions to another location. Researchers have recently hacked digital assistants using white noise and subliminal messages hidden in audio files to remotely control devices for search and listening purposes. With this in mind, is the...

Affordable AI: Use These Online Tools Now to Improve Your Litigation Practice

While many Artificial Intelligence technologies are out of reach because they are too expensive or take time to implement, there are several affordable and free tools that legal practitioners can use to improve their litigation practice today. Below are some resources that can start saving you time and money. Joshua Weaver( Writer ) Attorneypreneur, writer, technologist. Nerdy for legaltech...

The Innovation of Litigation.

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