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5 Podcasts on Litigation Funding You Don’t Want to Miss

Litigation funding has been around for two decades, but most attorneys are still unfamiliar with this innovative way to pay for trial. Here are the top five podcasts to get you up to speed about litigation funding from industry experts. Litigation funding (also known as litigation financing, third party litigation funding, and consumer legal funding) is a concept that has been around for twenty...

Can Lawyers Represent Clients Who Pay Via Crowd Funding? DC Ethics Opinion Says Yes!

In a recent opinion by the District of Columbia Bar’s Legal Ethics Committee, the committee grappled with whether or not attorneys can accept payment from clients via crowdfunding (like gofundme, or kickstarter). In true lawyerly fashion, the committee ultimately said, yes but could not resist qualifying, saying, “the lawyer should consider potential risks associated with receipt of such...

No money? No problem! How litigation insurance can help you offset the financial risk of litigation (Part 3)

Although Litigation Financing provides an excellent option for plaintiffs who are strapped for cash, it is not the only plaintiff-friendly financial option that is on the rise in the United States. Part 3 of this series previews Litigation Insurance, a rising industry that allows a party financing a suit to insure the outcome of the case and recoup some of their expenses in the event of an...

No money? No problem! Questions every attorney should consider before entering into a litigation funding agreement (Part 2)

Part 2 of this litigation funding series answers potential questions that an attorney would (or should!) ask before entering into a financing contract with a third party. This article offers a counterbalance to what may seem an easy answer to all of an underfunded plaintiff’s worries by raising several issues regarding grey areas, unanswered questions, and ethical pitfalls that may lay in wait...

No money? No problem! The ins-and-outs of litigation funding (Part 1)

In this series, we’ll cover the development of litigation funding and share the necessary tools to decide if it’s suitable for your client’s claim. Part 1 will give a general overview of what is involved in litigation funding and its unique benefits. Let’s start with the basics. What is “litigation funding”? Litigation funding (or litigation finance) is when a third-party, who is unrelated to a...

The Innovation of Litigation.

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