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In-house Business: A Business Perspective for Your Litigation Services (Part 2 – Pre-Matter Scoping)

In-house legal departments want legal providers to approach projects from a business perspective. To do this, take a cue from cost controls used by legal procurement such as legal project management, pre-matter scoping, invoice auditing, and eAuctions. Litigation practitioners can implement these same cost controls in the litigation services they provide to their clients. This post is Part Two of...

In-house Business: A Business Perspective for Your Litigation Services (Part 1 – Legal Project Management)

Want help impressing your in-house legal department? View your litigation services from a business perspective. The same cost controls used by legal procurement will help your firm approach litigation projects with a business mentality and the bottom line in mind. In this two part series we will introduce you to two of the top cost controls used by your clients: legal project management and pre...

The Innovation of Litigation.

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